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REOclean - our new belting technologies offer high hygenic standards. 


Homogeneous Food Grade Belts from DAISLER.

The DAISLER team strongly believes that products in the industrial automation sector have the power to make a difference in this world. Our REOclean makes that difference in your life. It drastically improves food safety during processing and reduces water consumption during cleaning. Such an environmental friendly product aims to revolutionize the food processing industry.


REOclean falls into the category of homogeneous belts, whereas our products feature some key advantages over all other currently available options in the market.

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Hygienic Positive Driven Food Belt REOclean in Operation


The REOclean belt is a homogeneous TPU belt that guarantees no fraying of fabric layers and no contamination through plasticizers. Thus, it is ideal for food applications of every kind, in particular where the belt gets in direct contact with food. Designed for all areas of the food processing industry, this product drastically reduces bacteria counts in food production, improves food safety, saves water during cleaning and reduces cost for sewage processing. Typical industries include:


  • Slaughterhouses for meat production

  • Seafood

  • Dairy

  • Frozen food

  • Potato and vegetable processing

  • and many more.




DAISLER makes use of the most modern materials and production processes to improve food safety. The REOclean type of conveyor belt is made of German TPU material and features aramid reinforcement to ensure supreme quality and overcome elongation problems from heavy loading. Key advantages:


  • 1420mm width 

  • Aramid cord as tensile member to avoid elongation

  • Wide temperature range that suits all applications in one product (from -40 celsius to 90 Celsius)

  • Anti-microbial & Anti-hydrolysis

  • No fraying and delamination possible

  • Cut & abrasion resistant

  • High release working surface

  • Driving teeth over full width of belt – avoids slippery

  • Easy to clean which means less water consumption + less manpower = higher efficiency & lower bacteria count


REOclean TPU Advantages in Comparison to PVC and PU in Bacterial Count
Homogeneous Belt with Bespoke Cleats in Swan Neck Fixation to Elevate Food



  • 450MM maximum width

  • 1 inch pitch

  • Aramid reinforced

  • 95 ShoA TPU material

  • -40 to 90 Celcius temperatur range




  • 1420MM maximum width

  • 49,7 mm pitch

  • Aramid reinforced

  • 95 ShoA TPU material

  • -40 to 90 Celsius temperature range



REO- F30

  • 1420mm maximum width

  • Flat construction

  • Aramid reinforced

  • 95 Shore A TPU material

  • -40 to 90 Celsius temperature range





  • 1420mm maximum width

  • 25 mm pitch

  • Aramid reinforced

  • 95 Shore A TPU material

  • -40 to 90 Celsius temperature range



REOclean has been launched and already successfully installed on 100+ lines in poultry slaughterhouses and seafood handling across the globe. It is jointed using the butt-joint welding method and can withstand tension and heavy loads due to aramid reinforcement. This added tension member and the very durable TPU material provide the belt with a longer lifetime.


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Positive Drive Food Belt Installed on a Conveyor with 1 Inch Pitch
Sprocket for Positive Drive Homogeneous Belt REOclean by DREAMTECH


For our REO-SP line of homogeneous belts we also offer you specifically developed sprockets that guarantee perfect traction. Our sprockets are made of POM material and come in white colour. Current available sprockets are 6, 8, 10, 12 pitches. 



  • A - square bore:

  • B - outside diameter:

  • C - inner sprocket thickness:

  • D - outer sprocket thickness:





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